Genesis broke the record with 3,281 drones
Genesis broke the record with 3,281 drones

Hyundai Motor's luxury brand Genesis caused a sensation in Shanghai on March 29th. At that time, as night fell, thousands of drones appeared on screen to celebrate the brand's official entry into the Chinese market.

The brand used 3,281 drones to create a logo on rooftops in Shanghai. According to the brand's press release, Genesis set a Guinness record and deployed the most drones at the same time.

The drone screen provides a graphical explanation of the Genesis story called Genesis in the Chinese market as well as other variants of the drone.

The drone has redesigned the G80 and GV80, the two most popular models the brand has just launched in its new Chinese market.

The brand number Genesis broke the previous record for Damoda Intelligent Control Technology, which used 3,051 drones during the show on September 20.

Intel set a record of 1,218 "Shooting Stars" drones and set up five Olympic rings in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The company is best known for its drones, and it set another record with 2,066 drones in July 2018.

Drones have become the go-to tool for people and companies looking to gain attention.

These screens typically rely on software to design a series of steps and actions that tell the drone to form a specific shape while coordinating a squadron to avoid collisions.


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