Google is being targeted because of tracking Android users
Google is being targeted because of tracking Android users

Austrian data protection activist Max Schreams filed a complaint against Google and the Android operating system, and Schreams and his data protection organization claimed that it was illegal persecution of Android users.

Shrimz has a good history of online privacy complaints against the IDFA tracking codes used on Apple and iPhone in November.

It is also the cause of the collapse of the two data-sharing agreements between the United States and the European Union, which leaves companies unsure of how to legally transfer personal data from the European Union to the states.

Shrimz pointed out that Google violated the privacy rights of more than 300 million European citizens who use Android phones.

The new complaint from Noyb, Shrimz's non-profit organization, to the French data protection agency CNIL is about the Android AAID (this is the unique code for every Android device), which the operating system is broadcasting. For app developers and advertisers so they can track user activity and target them with personalized ads.

According to Shrimz, Android creates the AAID without the user's knowledge or consent, thus violating the so-called EU Cookie Law, which is separate from the EU's General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

Filing a confidentiality complaint allows French regulators to make their own decisions rather than having to delay the process by contacting other European regulators, as was the case with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) against a company operating in the European Union.

The French data protection commissioner, CNIL, expressed its willingness to take strict action against large technology companies for violating the right to privacy, as Google a few months ago placed a cookie on the user's browser without asking for his consent or explaining the violation. Violation of the online privacy policy with a fine of more than $ 120 million. Why follow up?

Noyb's complaint states that users cannot remove the AAID that follows them, they can only reset the identifier.

`` Imagine there are colored materials on your feet and hands that can identify every step, movement, and everything you touch in the mobile device ecosystem. You cannot remove it, and the colors are the Android ads. For example, an identifier is a tracking tool that allows you to identify all the actions you take in and out of the mobile device ecosystem.

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