Google is shutting down Play Movies TV on multiple platforms
Google is shutting down Play Movies TV on multiple platforms

After announcing the launch of Google TV last year, the expiration date of its predecessor has yet to be determined. However, this week Google confirmed that it will close its Play Movie and TV app on multiple platforms in the near future.

According to the company, as of July 15, movies and TVs will no longer be available on any Roku, Samsung, LG, Vizio, or Roku Smart TV.

If you own movies or TV shows that you have purchased or rented through the service, you can still access them on those devices from the Movies & TV section of the YouTube app.

This change is also affected when you access Movies Anywhere using Play Movies & Tv. This allows you to obtain codes from DVDs and Blu-ray Discs for digital access to media.

Google has confirmed that users who rely on Play Movies & TV to access this content will be able to access it via YouTube.

There are other considerations to keep in mind when moving to YouTube where your watchlist cannot be viewed in the app (although you can still view it on the web by searching Google for "my watch list").

While your family can still share content that you purchased from the movie and TV stores, purchases made on the YouTube app will not be shared with your family.

If you purchased a movie or TV content from the Google Play Store, do the following to access it after July 15:

  •     Android phones and tablets: Use the Google TV app or the YouTube app.
  •     IPad and iPhone: Use the Play Movies & TV app or the YouTube app.
  •     Roku device: Use the YouTube app.
  •     Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Roku smart TVs: Use the YouTube app.
  •     Chromecast: Use the Google TV app.
  •     Internet: Use the Play Movies & TV website or the YouTube website.
  •     Android TV: Use the Play Movies & TV app.

To view your content on YouTube, you must first log in, then go to the media library and click on "Your Movies & Shows" in order to be able to watch the movies and shows that you have purchased from the Google Play Store. Content and content purchased anywhere through the YouTube Ditto app (with caution family sharing).

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