Google may let you manage hidden recycle bin in Android 12
Google may let you manage hidden recycle bin in Android 12

Google appears to be preparing to add the recycle bin feature for Android devices, which has long been part of the traditional desktop operating system.

XDA developers searched the Android 12 code for features that Google hasn't officially announced. The final function is a line in the app for the Recycle Bin settings.

Last year, Google released Android 11, which introduced important changes to the way apps access device storage space. Therefore, these changes drastically change the storage access that apps can access by default.

Although some applications (such as file managers) may require advanced access to device storage, other applications must use alternative APIs to add, open, edit, or delete files on the volume.

One of these APIs is called the MediaStore API and it provides access to common media files such as audio, video, and images.

Applications using MediaStore can send the file to the trash instead of deleting it, giving the user the option to restore the file later.

Most desktop operating systems have similar functions, but Android 11 itself does not have a system-wide trash folder that lists all files sent to the recycle bin.

In addition, apps that have modifying access to unwanted files or that require user approval can display items in the hidden trash.

Google File Manager 'File' is being prepared to add this functionality.

Google seems to be working with Android 12 to add a new entry in Settings to show the space that any skipped items will take up.

Clicking on this entry will open an area showing the number of files that have been sent to the Recycle Bin for the user to empty them.

Although the user can empty the trash can, it is not clear if the user can also recycle the trash.

With the upcoming recycle bin feature in Google Docs, users can view, restore or permanently delete deleted items.

Most file managers hide deleted items on Android because they are formatted so that Android thinks files should be considered hidden.

These hidden deleted files are saved in the same folder in the original location instead of moving them to the System-wide Trash Folders folder.

Google doesn't seem to have any plans to add a trash folder in Android 12, but it does plan to make the feature more visible.

In short, Android 12 apps and Google File Manager can support sending files to recycle bin and restoring them. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the app on Android 12 can.

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