Guacamole lets you make calls without Hey Google
Guacamole lets you make calls without Hey Google

Google is testing a new feature called Guacamole that allows you to pause the alarm and timer on your Android phone and answer the call. All you have to do is say "Pause," "Pause," and "Answer or reject the call" without doing so. The phone will even say hello to Google to hang it up.

Until the annual Google I / O 2021 developer conference on May 18, the search giant may not have plans to publish this news, but information about guacamole has now been leaked.

Guacamole enables users to perform quick and urgent tasks for a Google Assistant over the phone, such as: b. Answer calls or turn off alerts without saying hello Google first.

Development of this functionality began in early March with version 12.8 of the Google app. The company kept this feature a secret, in an effort to hide its true essence.

Read the original description: "Finish the job quickly with guacamole" and keep growing for the next several weeks.

The settings page was published unintentionally, and it should be noted that it only appears in the beta version of the latest Google app with Android 11, not the latest Android 12 Developer Preview.

Google is currently testing this feature with employees, which indicates an unintended leak in settings. Therefore, only Google employees should have access to the assistant menu linked to the internal page.

If the feature sounds familiar, Google has added similar features to some Google Home and Nest Hub speakers and smart displays in Google I / O 2019. This could be considered a "pause" so the alarm didn't go off nearly two years ago.

Google said: We are constantly trying new ways to improve the overall Google Assistant experience. We currently do not have more detailed information about guacamole.

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