Huawei is reducing its dependence on US technology
Huawei is reducing its dependence on US technology

China's telecoms equipment company Huawei announced today that it will focus its energy on software again as part of its strategic reforms targeting the impact of US sanctions.

The company said the United States is investing more in companies that do not rely on advanced process technology as US sanctions restrict the use of advanced semiconductors.

Eric Xu, Huawei's rotating chairman, said at the company's analyst summit that the company should not be removed from the list of US companies used to restrict the flow of US technology and products. Huawei under the leadership of US President Joe Biden.

Speaking to analysts, Shaw said: In order to improve the company's flexibility, the company is increasing its investment in self-driving auto parts. This year, investments in smart leadership exceeded $ 1 billion and Huawei in global 5G. Network communications penetration rate exceeded expectations.

We are in a complex and ever-changing global environment. The resurgence of the coronavirus and geopolitical uncertainty are the ongoing challenges facing every organization, workplace and country / region. We firmly believe that the power of digital technology will provide new solutions. We all face different challenges, so we will continue to innovate and work with our customers and partners to drive digital transformation to achieve digitalization. Every person, every family, and every organization will build a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei was blacklisted for export by former US President Donald Trump in 2019, preventing the use of key emerging technologies in the US, affecting its ability to develop chips and sourcing components from outside suppliers.

After the US campaign and the pandemic hit the smartphone industry, Huawei's revenue growth has slowed significantly over the past year.

Xu said in a press release: After suffering the impact of last year's sanctions, this year can focus on formulating a clear strategy. This, he said, caused some Chinese companies to stockpile a large amount of semiconductors that could be stored for three to six months. This is the main reason for the deficiency.

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