nstagram can give you the option to hide likes
Instagram can give you the option to hide likes

After Instagram started experimenting in this area in 2019, a new test was launched today to hide likes in user posts.

This time, Instagram is not turning the feature on or off for more users, but it is starting to look for a new option that allows users to choose the feature that works for them - choose whether you want to like or hide likes through posts.

Users can also turn off their preferred information from their private information.

Facebook has also confirmed that it will test similar experiences through its own social network.

Instagram said that in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the preferred test has been downgraded as the company will focus on other actions needed to support its community.

The platform now scans user comments during testing and finds a wide variety of opinions.

The idea of ​​hiding likes was originally intended to reduce fear and embarrassment about posting content on social media.

This means that people can be disappointed if their posts do not get enough likes and are not considered popular.

This problem is especially difficult for young users. They are so worried about their co-workers' thoughts, so they delete posts they didn't like.

Also, masking likes helps reduce audience psychology that leads people to like popular things instead of judging the content themselves.

But not everyone agrees that removing likes during the testing process is a better change. Hence, the most recent review on Instagram gives users options.

The company said: This new test is enabled by Instagram for a small number of users around the world.

If you are a subscriber, there is a new option in the app's settings to hide the likes so that you will not see the likes on other people's posts while scrolling through the Instagram feed.

Also, if you are a creator, you can hide "likes" from posts. Even if "likes" are publicly blocked, the creator can determine the number of "likes" and other interactions through analysis.

Instagram has not announced how long the new test will take or if and when these features will be released.

A Facebook spokesperson said: We will be testing on Instagram first, but we are also investigating a similar experience with Facebook, learning from this new test, and we will share more soon.

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