IPhone sales have risen dramatically despite the ongoing epidemic
IPhone sales have risen dramatically despite the ongoing epidemic

According to FY2021 Q2 Financial Report of March 27, 2021 from January to March, the Apple iPhone 12 series has maintained strong consumer demand.

The company posted record sales of $ 89.7 billion for the March quarter, up 54% over the same period last year.

IPhone revenue is roughly $ 48 billion, an increase of 66% over the previous year.

Mac and iPad sales are up 70% and 78%, respectively, due in part to ongoing business and remote learning.

As a sense of normality returns in some parts of the world, that success may slow, causing most people to turn to the iPhone.

According to the reports, the sales of the small iPhone 12 were not what Apple had been hoping for, but other models were clearly well received by consumers.

"This type of device has been well received by customers, old and new alike," said Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

These second-quarter earnings come on the heels of Apple's historic quarter in December, when the company’s revenue crossed $ 100 billion for the first time in history.

The focus is now on how Apple is pricing in the second half of the year and whether the iPhone 12 (Apple's first device to support 5G networks) has started a full upgrade cycle. Some analysts think this is possible.

The computer recorded a net income of $ 9.1 billion, another record for Apple.

IPad sales increased from $ 4.4 billion in the previous quarter to $ 7.8 billion this time. Although momentum in the apparel, home appliances and accessories sectors slowed, it still had more revenue to come off the company's shelves.

Meanwhile, service companies, including several subscription services, generated $ 16.9 billion in sales.

Apple hosted its first event in 2021 last week and launched new products including the purple iPhone 12, a revamped iMac with the M1 chip, an updated iPad Pro computer, a faster Apple TV 4K and AirTag tracking elements.

Despite Apple's success, investors and consumers are still waiting for Apple's next big device.

Rumors have long circulated that virtual reality and immersive reality headsets could be Apple's future, and there have been numerous reports of electric cars that the company has provided.

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