Krafton shuts down PUBG Lite completely on April 29
Krafton shuts down PUBG Lite completely on April 29

Krafton announced that PUBG Lite will close on April 29, game publishers have stopped new PC game downloads, the official website has already been closed, and player support ended on May 29.

There are many different versions of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG (the games that have inspired many competitors), and you can play on anything from moderately powered phones to high-end gaming consoles.

However, with PUBG Lite closed in late April, the list will be shortened. PUBG Lite is a free life and death battle for low-end devices.

The decision to close Lite will not affect PUBG Mobile Lite (the corresponding product for mobile phones) as this game will remain unchanged.

Crafton did not provide a reason for the impending lockdown, but there have been signs of turmoil over the past few months.

We are very grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the huge number of PUBG LITE fans who are with us, and we hope that PUBG LITE will provide our fans with a nice kind of safety during the tough times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

She added, "After careful consideration, we made a difficult decision and decided to terminate the service." Now is the time to end the journey. Unfortunately, we tell you that PUBG LITE should end on April 29, 2021

The closed news came after the game's publisher announced last November that PUBG Lite had canceled the game's L-coin system and it was completely free.

The game was launched in Thailand in January 2019 and moved to Europe in October of the same year.

Although there are no player statistics, it is no secret that it does not have a large number of followers as Lite aims to make the PUBG experience available to people who do not enjoy it. They may not be able to play games on regular computers.

The shutdown shows that many PC players are happy with the full game.

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