Google Stack .. Demonstration app for scanning and saving documents
Google Stack .. Demonstration app for scanning and saving documents

Google Incubator Area 120 has launched a powerful AI document scanner for Android.

Stack borrows the technology behind DocAI's powerful enterprise tools to perform document analysis for the search giants.

The end result is a consumer scanning app for Android. Google said: Compared to portable scanners, it can automatically classify documents into titles and enable the full text of the document content (not just the titles). The search is greatly improved.

Stack Team Leader Christopher Pedrigal said in a statement: I joined Google two years ago when my education startup, Socratic, was acquired. At Socratic, we use computer vision and Google language understanding to reinforce learning in high school. I wonder if we can apply the same technology to make it easier to organize documents.

After the acquisition, Pedrigal and his colleague (Matthew Cowan) Matthew Cowan joined Google Zone 120 where they created an app that uses DocAI and AI technology to improve the process of scanning receipts, invoices, and other important documents.

The app uses Google's biometric authentication via Android, so you can protect the security of sensitive documents behind face scans or fingerprints to unlock the app.

It also automatically creates fields for scanned invoices so you can enter due dates and other important information.

Much like Google's beta business, the app is used but does not contain any real business model or any particular profitable roadmap.

Pedregal noted that it's too early to use the Stack, which means the app can always go wrong, but he hopes the app will be popular.

This also means that it can be submitted to Google's graveyard at any time. However, if this happens at a later time, you should have the option to export your document.

And Stack appears to be a reliable alternative to traditional document scanners. Few companies can beat Google when it comes to text comprehension and image recognition.

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