MacOS 11.3 includes an important security patch
MacOS 11.3 includes an important security patch

Apple released macOS 11.3, a new update that includes a number of changes, including improving the performance of iPhone and iPad apps through Mac models with the M1 chip.

According to Apple, Macs equipped with the company's M1 chip can resize iPhone and iPad app windows.

It also supports displaying higher resolution versions of iPhone and iPad apps in full screen mode. When it comes to the M1 chip, macOS 11.3 also supports hibernation.

At the same time, podcasts and news have redesigned the site to make it easier to use, and the podcast search function was rewritten.

Apple has also added the AutoPlay feature to the Apple Music app. When you reach the end of the song or playlist, Apple Music will continue playing the similar music.

Similar to iOS 14.5, Apple has also introduced more audio options for its Siri voice assistant.

Apple also added a new option to print your list of reminders in macOS 11.3.

It also supports new icons and changes to the "Find Me" app offered by AirTag.

In addition to many new features, Apple also made some important fixes in macOS 11.3.

The company said: Fixed an issue with automatically switching audio from AirPods to the wrong device.

Additionally, the following issue has been resolved: When connected via USB-C, the external 4K screen may not be displayed in Full HD.

Regardless of these changes, the macOS 11.3 update fixes a major security vulnerability that malware could bypass many of macOS 'built-in protection features, such as: file isolation and opening GateKeeper dialog boxes.

While Apple knows its built-in anti-malware system can still stop malware, corporate software company Jamf found evidence that the vulnerability had been exploited by attackers.

Apple describes many of the other security updates included in the latest update on its Security Updates page.

Apple has spent several years using new security features to improve macOS 'security, making it harder for malware to infiltrate. However, malware took advantage of the vulnerability for several months before it was patched this week.

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