Microsoft Edge gets a new kid's mode
Microsoft Edge gets a new kid's mode

Microsoft has introduced a new child mode that integrates directly into the Microsoft Edge browser for Windows and Mac for free. It is a free, easy to activate option that does not require excessive parental management.

It can be enabled by selecting Child Mode in Microsoft Edge Browser Account Options, which allows children to access only approved websites.

Microsoft said it is a free and safe online environment for children under 12 years old. Parents can use it with confidence when their children surf the Internet on shared devices.

Microsoft is designed for situations where parents can bring a laptop computer for their children to use on the Internet.

After Child Mode is activated, you can choose between 5 and 8 years old and between 9 and 12 years old. The age range includes the highest level of tracking prevention and strict secure search for filtering text, images and images. Desired video clips.

Microsoft has automatically blacklisted 70 popular websites for kids, but parents need to add all other websites separately.

This situation limits common Windows keyboard shortcuts to keep kids from leaving them behind. Adults must enter the information needed to exit from position and return to normal mobility.

If a child tries to view a site that is not on the list, the page will be blocked from where they can get adult permission.

Since Kids Mode focuses on privacy on specific devices, it does not require a Microsoft account and the device-approved website list will not be synced.

The aforementioned 9-12 age group also contains news feed from New Tab page in Kids Mode, which contains articles specific by MSN for kids.

These articles focus on science, interesting facts, and animals rather than the most recent articles on epidemics or geopolitics.

After you've activated Child Mode, there are still a few options to adjust the new theme, color, and label background.

Microsoft is working with Disney and Pixar to provide some special features, such as: b. "The Little Mermaid", "Find Nemo", etc.

The company said: When we looked at other content filtering products on the market, we always found that most of them required a lengthy registration process or signup process and did not offer products that catered to kids.

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