Mighty hopes to speed up the flow of Google Chrome browsers from the cloud
Mighty hopes to speed up the flow of Google Chrome browsers from the cloud

No matter how good web browsers like Google Chrome are, they don't seem to be able to keep up with everything we want to do.

If you open many tabs on a computer that has been used for several years, the fan will spin, battery life will decrease, and the system will slow down.

The device is having trouble running apps, games, or web browsers that are consuming a lot of RAM.

Usually, the usual solution is to upgrade the device to a more capable device. However, a startup called Mighty came up with another solution: install the web browser on a powerful server in the cloud for a monthly fee of $ 30.

If you are reading this article, it will likely be done through a Chromium-based browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

The total market share of these two browsers exceeds 75% while Safari, Firefox and other browsers have a smaller share.

Instead of a physical computer interacting with every website, you can send a remote web browser the browser is miles away on a powerful computer and has a 100Mbps internet connection.

According to the company, no matter how many tabs are open in the Google Chrome browser, the website loads almost instantly, and dense web applications can run smoothly without the monopoly of RAM, CPU, graphics card and more.

Mighty builds on the core concepts of Stadia and other gaming services. After two years of development under the motto "Make Chrome Faster", these efforts are evident.

Over the past two years, Mighty has implemented dedicated servers to reduce costs, create low latency network protocols, and enable Chromium to integrate directly with a variety of low-level coding technologies.

The browser can also interact with macOS features, and all demos work on Apple devices.

The base internet speed mentioned on the release site is 100 Mbps, and for comparison, 4K Stadia requires 35 Mbps or more.

Google Chrome browser is powered by 16 default processors that can work with two Intel Xeon processors with a capacity of up to 4GHz, NVIDIA GPUs, and 16GB of RAM.

The cloud browser works at 4K resolution and 60fps. Mighty makes sure that you don't feel any lag while typing, moving the mouse, or scrolling.

When it comes to privacy, the keystrokes will be encrypted when they are sent to a hosted cloud device, and the company will have a third party each year to review the code and its infrastructure.

The company said everything from cookies to your browsing history is kept private and will never be sold.

According to reports, Google is working to resolve complaints about Google Chrome browser issues through various technologies and improvements. Mighty's way, however, is to broadcast your browser from a powerful cloud computer.

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