Ransomware attacks against Quanta target Apple
Ransomware attacks against Quanta target Apple

When Apple launched its latest round of new iPad and iMac devices in the US, Quanta Computer, one of its major suppliers, was attacked by a Russian operator who allegedly stole a plan for the US tech company's latest product. Producer.

Ransomware attack group REvil (also known as Sodinokibi) has posted a blog on its dark website saying: They have entered Quanta Taiwan's computer network, Quanta Taiwan is Apple's main supplier, it mainly manufactures MacBooks, and manufactures products such as HP, Facebook and Google.

On Sunday, the Revell organization announced that the organization will announce the largest attack in its history, and the news was published in Russian through the Revel channel, which is recruiting new people.

On April 20, REvil's Happy Blog (the organization publicly announced the names of victims on the site in hopes of paying the ransom) Quanta as a new victim.

The organization said it had postponed the disclosure of the Quanta hack until Apple's last major disclosure, adding that the Taiwanese company had no interest in promoting the recovery of stolen data.

Quanta admitted to the attack without explaining whether their data was stolen, saying in the statement: Our information security team worked with outside IT professionals to respond to a small number of cyberattacks on the servers.

She added: We have reported to law enforcement's data protection departments of newly discovered anomalous activity that does not materially affect the company's business.

At the end of Apple's product launch, REvil released a blueprint for its new laptop that included 15 images of a MacBook designed in March 2021.

These images contain serial numbers, sizes, and specific component characteristics that describe many parts of the Apple notebook business.

One of the photos was signed by Apple designer John Andreadis on March 9, 2021.

REvil is now trying to blackmail Apple to take advantage of the stolen data and have asked iPhone makers to pay a ransom by May 1. Before, he said, he was posting new material every day.

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