Reuters charges for reading news online
Reuters charges for reading news online

Reuters is one of the largest news agencies in the world as online publishers try to compensate for declining ad revenue and find new ways to raise money. I followed a strategy that had been around for many years and put it online. The content is placed behind the paid subscription system.

According to the company, attracts about 41 million visitors a month, but it hasn't charged an entry fee for its business niche like other news sites in a while. is still free during the preview period, but users will have to subscribe after five stories and it's unclear when the subscription system will start.

Users can read five articles per month for free and plan to charge a $ 34.99 monthly subscription for more detailed reports and data.

The monthly subscription price is slightly more expensive than the New York Times monthly subscription price ($ 18.42 per month) but it is closer to similar news organizations like The Wall Street Journal ($ 38.99 per month). In 1996, the paid subscription and agency system was introduced. Bloomberg ($ 34.99 / month) added a paid subscription system in 2018.

According to Reuters, half of its sales come from its biggest client, financial data company Refinitiv, which also makes money from online advertising.

She added: She has redesigned her website with a focus on professional audiences and plans to invest in areas such as legal news and live events.

Paying for online news has been a topic of debate among publishers for many years because online advertising cannot generate the return that print ads bring to newspapers, and publishers often have to rely on platforms like Facebook and Google for content to increase coverage. reader.

Google has fought Australian lawmakers who want the search giant to pay publishers for the content.

When reviewing social media platforms and determining ad revenue from news publishers, a bill introduced last month in Congress is said to act as a publisher when negotiating with the platforms to share some of the ad revenue.

Although Facebook and Google have taken initiatives to get some publishers to license their content, online subscriptions to many news media are an essential part of their source of income.

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