Facebook brings businesses to you to introduce them to you
Facebook brings businesses to you to introduce them to you

Facebook is testing a new feature that can be used to recommend company posts in its users' news feeds.

The goal is to help users discover new businesses that they cannot find on their own, the company said.

Facebook offers thumbnails of some companies that you don't follow.

The thumbnail below the post is displayed right on the company page and has a similar theme.

For example, a restaurant might suggest that you share flyers from other restaurants in your area, or a cosmetic brand might refer to similar companies.

The social media giant plans to test the feature in the US first, but plans to expand this business in the future.

The testing took place while Facebook was preparing for the arrival of the iOS 14 update, which made it difficult to track users.

Facebook warns that these changes will be harmful to ad-dependent small businesses.

Recommending posts from similar companies to companies that Facebook users follow can help make those companies visible without following ads.

This new test is an example of how easy it is for Facebook to change its news sources to generate more data about its users when needed.

The company announced testing as part of a major commercial update. In addition to the new recommendations, the company will soon add the ability to create and save Facebook and Instagram posts as app drafts. Facebook mobile business suite.

Facebook announced that it will launch more business owner tools this month, including the ability to create, publish, and schedule stories on Facebook and Instagram, make changes and adjustments to scheduled posts, and create and share Facebook photos and albums via Facebook A functionality management. Commercial suite.

Facebook functionality has been updated with advertising products aimed at connecting business with leads, including lead advertising, contact advertising and lead generation.

Facebook announced the new page trial earlier this year, which will allow companies to share, post, comment, like, and access news feeds through social media through business accounts.

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