Anker Surge Protector 12 Outlets with Flat Plug
Anker Surge Protector 12 Outlets with Flat Plug

Anker A2763121 Power Supply Board Surge Protector (2 x 4000J), 12-conductor PowerExtend strip, with flat plugs, 1875W output, 10-foot extension cord, suitable for office and home dual overcurrent protection

Overvoltage doubling protection

Equipped with a 4000J protection cap to ensure that your devices are protected from small but large voltage spikes.

Global security

The combination of dual surge protection, overload protection, earthing protection, and UL-V0 flame retardant cover give you and your devices complete safety.

Massive expansion

Convert one wall socket to 12 outlets to power a variety of electronic appliances and equipment.

Access to more ports

Designed with a 0.8 inch flat connector, it can be easily installed into hard-to-reach connections behind a bed or sofa.

Drive anywhere

Attach the panel to a wall or table with two mounting holes and secure the panel in a stable, accessible position.

Suitable for large pregnant women

The six plugs on the outside edge of the power strip are arranged so that you can easily attach larger adapters.

 Massive expansion

Convert one AC outlet into 12 outlets to power a variety of electrical appliances and appliances.

Protect your equipment

Our unique dual protection technology can protect your devices from small to large heights.

Complete protection

From small electronic devices to large electrical appliances, dual protection, overload protection, grounding protection and other functions can safely operate all devices.

Heavy duty design

It features a sturdy construction and a 10-foot-long reinforced wire that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Improved layout

The 45 degree plug concept ensures that other plugs remain free, and there is extra space between connections to accommodate even the largest of plugs.

Drive anywhere

Use the dual wall mounting holes in the back to attach the panel to a wall or table for easy access to an electrical outlet.

Anker Surge Protector 12 Outlets with Flat Plug
Anker Surge Protector 12 Outlets with Flat Plug

  •     Anchor Advantage: Join over 55 million people powered by our cutting-edge technology.
  •     Everything for electrical: Equipped with 12 sockets to power all household appliances.
  •     Double overvoltage protection: PowerExtend is equipped with one 4000J overvoltage shield instead of two, providing continuous protection for the most sensitive devices in the event of small and large spikes.
  •     Comprehensive safety: In addition to surge protection, the control panel has many other safety functions, including overload protection, grounding protection and fire protection.
  •     What you get: PowerExtend 12 Strip, Welcome Guide, 18-month worry-free warranty, $ 300,000 * lifetime warranty on connected devices, and friendly customer service. * For the warranty for this connected device, “Life” indicates the life of the product.

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