SMALLRT 8 Outlet 4 USB Ports Power Strip
SMALLRT 8 Outlet 4 USB Ports Power Strip

SMALLRT 16.4FT / 5M Power Board Surge Protection 8 Sockets 4 USB Ports Tower Power Board With Long Line Power Board With USB

5m flexible cable: The lightning protection switchboard tower has an extended cable. Plastic cables are more flexible, save space and simplify storage.

Product specifications Overcurrent protection material: ABS + PC (flame retardant material) Circuit board overload protection: Overvoltage / current automatic shutdown: 110V ~ 250V / 10A Maximum power: 2500W Power cord length: 5M / 16.4ft Output protection size: 4.5 x 5, 7 x 6.9 in, surge protector weight: 1.65 lbs

5 meter extension cable and heavy duty copper wire

Material: flame retardant PC preservative and 100% copper wire;

The thicker copper wire can provide higher output power, higher efficiency, higher efficiency, less heat, and higher safety.

Special circuit breaker can protect your expensive electrical equipment

When the power increases, the reliable black surge protective circuit breaker will be automatically turned off to protect your appliances and your home. Select this USB power connector.

5M / 16.5 FT flame retardant PC extension cable

Material: fire resistance, RoHS certification, CE and FCC; The surge protection power supply board includes a 5M / 16FT extension cable that can be easily placed anywhere. USB power strip, high conductivity, more efficient output power, less heat generation and more safety.

Lightning protection

This 8-plug surge protector has short circuit protection, lightning protection, overload protection, and overcurrent protection. Complete hardware protection.

The four USB ports on the power distribution board are largely compatible with all Apple iPhone / iPad products and other USB devices. Long strips of lightning arrester are compressed for travel, cruise ships, private homes and offices.

1200 Joules of overload protection

The board is equipped with a surge protector that can absorb surges and provide excellent protection for desktop computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices from voltage fluctuations, spikes and surges. If the power supply unit is overloaded (rated power: 2500W), the Trusted Safety Switch turns off automatically to protect your appliances and your home.

Satisfy most of your uses

Larger sockets can accommodate larger sockets without interference. The socket with USB charging port can charge smartphones, tablets, and many other USB devices without an adapter.

Portable multifunctional

Built-in power strip contains 8 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports, saving maximum space in home / office or travel bag

Save energy and space

The surge protection contactor has two independent switch control components and there is no mutual interference. There is no problem connecting and disconnecting.

 Fits anywhere

The Amazon Essential Power Strip 8-port and 4-port USB connector can meet the needs of most applications such as: b. Office / home / office / travel / kitchen / library / coffee shop etc. This kind of surge protection tape is your best choice!

SMALLRT 8 Outlet 4 USB Ports Power Strip
SMALLRT 8 Outlet 4 USB Ports Power Strip

  •  Energy-saving and space-saving overvoltage protection contains two separate control switches for two components without cross interference. There is no problem connecting and disconnecting.
  • 🏆 【Surge protector protects every side of this port with 7 safe overload protections. The lightning rod is made of PVC plastic and is flame retardant. When a power surge is detected, the surge protection power supply board automatically cuts off the power supply to protect the connected device.
  • 🏆 The large socket can accommodate you without being crowded. A practical panel tower with multiple sockets takes up enough space and can be installed anywhere. The advanced design makes the surge protector an ideal choice for any occasion.
  • 【【Power supply board with 16.4ft extension cable with 8 plugs + 4 USB ports + 5m extension cable.

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