ATGTGA DW-11-A 10+Sports Mode Waterproof Smart Watch
ATGTGA DW-11-A 10+Sports Mode Waterproof Smart Watch

ATGTGA Smart Watch for Android / iOS (Receiver / Call, 1.63 inch, Bluetooth) 10+ Sports Mode, IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker, Stress Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor for Men and Women

Sleep monitoring

Atgtga dw11 smart watch can monitor sleep stages (light, depth, wake up time) and provide sleep quality analysis in app to improve your sleep quality.

Measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood

SpO2 is the leading indicator of human health. You can set it up in the app for constant monitoring if needed, or test it manually if you're not comfortable.

Take control of your music

Before / after music play / track pause, you can control the music player from your wrist without holding your phone.

Breathing training

Taking a little time each day to breathe deeply can reduce stress and calm your mind and body, which is good for your long-term health.

Check the weather on your wrist

When you connect the watch to the phone via Bluetooth, the weather data is automatically synchronized and the weather information is updated every 60 minutes with your old information.

he met

MET (Metabolic Equivalent) can help you better understand your activities, organize appropriate training plans, and achieve your goals. You can check the MET value on your watch.

Pay attention to your tiredness

Monitor your wrist fatigue level anytime and anywhere - relaxed, normal, medium or high - you can also view the fatigue level trend by day, week, month and year in our app to understand and shorten your relaxation time.

ATGTGA DW-11-A 10+Sports Mode Waterproof Smart Watch
ATGTGA DW-11-A 10+Sports Mode Waterproof Smart Watch

  •     [Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch] Use a Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch. Use high-fidelity waterproof speakers so you never miss important and hands-free calls while you walk, run, or bike. Connect to your wrist. Our watch also shows all phone notifications like Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.
  •     [10 Sports Modes and Smart Detection] Our DW11 smartwatch supports more than 10 sports modes including indoor and outdoor sports. There is no need to manually select the Sports Mode to intelligently select 10 Sports Modes and prepare for your actions at any time. Track your daily activities in mobile fitness, breathing exercises, the MET app, and see your trends
  •     [Smart Health Guardian] A smart processor with a dynamic optical sensor and an optimization algorithm that allows you to measure your health and track your sleep to improve sleep quality, monitor stress level and correct your condition in real time
  •     Smart Notifications] Stay connected with compatible smartphones and automatically sync text messages and app notifications, listen to music, check weather and calculator. However, text responses are not supported.
  •     [The extended 90-day warranty period allows our laboratories to provide the best after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will respond to you within 24 hours and enthusiastically provide solutions for you. You are free to solve any quality problems within 90 days of purchasing (except for the quality problems caused by human factors).

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