Addtam 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Wall Charger
Addtam 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Wall Charger

Overcurrent protection for USB chargers - 5-port Addtam extension with 4 USB charging connectors (1 USB C, 4.5A total), 3-sided power distribution board, 1800J power distribution socket multi-socket, wide splitter, black

Smart and fast USB charging port

The high speed USB port can automatically detect the charger and provide the best charging speed. The maximum current for each USB-C port is 3.1A, allowing 4 portable devices to be charged simultaneously.

1800 Joules of surge protection

The power distributor is equipped with a surge protector that can absorb surges and provide great protection for desktop computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices to prevent voltage fluctuations, spikes and spikes.

Wall design

Easy and safe installation. The built-in fixing function makes the wall more secure and convenient.

LED overvoltage protection indicator

Protect the device from overvoltages and current peaks. Addtam condoms are your first line of defense when bad weather cuts off energy to your home, or when there are spikes or spikes. This flat wall lamp with safety control integrated into a flat wall appears when appliances and cables are properly shielded.

A wide range of fields

Large space: 5 built-in AC outlets with 1800J protection, the distance between them is greater than that of the standard plugs. The large spacing makes it easy to use for all kinds of equipment.

Fits anywhere

This compact socket with 5 ports and 4 USB ports can meet most applications such as office / home / office / travel.

Addtam 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Wall Charger
Addtam 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Wall Charger

  •  [9 in 1 USB Socket Function] - Install, connect and use the duplexer connector perfectly. Note: On some sockets, the black plastic notch can be cut off before use. You will get 5 AC plugs (3 sides) with large spacing between them; 4 USB charging ports; 1800J surge protector can protect your electronic products by improving the power quality
  • [Smart USB-C Fast Charging - Total 4 USB 4.5A ports, each USB-A port has a maximum output power of 2.4A. The maximum capacity of the USB-C charging port is 3A. It has built-in smart technology to detect the charger and automatically provide the best charging speed, compatible with most USB devices. Note: UCB-C connection does not support any other device that requires 14-22V charging voltage.
  • [Lightning arrester output 1800J] -3 auxiliary circuit for surge protection, TVS (Transient Voltage Delay Device) MOV (Metal Oxide Condenser) GDT (Gas Discharge Tube), response speed is less than 1Ns, minimum power absorption is 1800J, faster and faster Than the most reliable conventional MOV surge protection circuit. (The "SURGE PROTECTED" indicator lights up to indicate that your device is protected.)
  • [Super Safety] - RoHS, CE and FCC certifications. ETL certification. This card contains overload protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and overheating protection. If the overvoltage is exceeded, the power supply will be cut off automatically to protect the connected devices. It comes with a flame retardant housing so you and your gear are absolutely safe.
  • (Large space - with a three-sided panel design and the distance between 5 AC outlets, larger than the standard port, making it easy to use all kinds of devices without interfering with each other.

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