Microsoft is changing the standard Office fonts and hopes to help you
Microsoft is changing the standard Office fonts and hopes to help you

Microsoft is set to change the default fonts for its Office suite over the next year and hopes everyone can help you choose the new default fonts.

Although Word has more than 700 font options, the company has chosen five new custom fonts for the Microsoft Office suite.

The software giant is hoping to ditch the Calibri font, which has been Microsoft's default font for nearly 15 years.

The new five wheelbase lines come in a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and even German road and railway signs.

Microsoft has begun gathering feedback on these five new fonts and plans to set one of them as the new default font for Microsoft Office in 2022.

Tenorite: This is the most traditional of the five styles. It appears to be an updated version of the standard Times New Roman font. This font contains decades of date, bold characters, and visible elements such as punctuation, capital letters, and punctuation marks. Tenorette is comfortable to read on screen in small sizes.

Skeena: This font is inspired by the font design from different time periods, the character thickness is very different, and the character curve is completely different, for example: S, A and J, Skeena is very different suitable for long-term documents The body text in the text as well as the body text In short clips often found in presentations, brochures, tables, and reports.

Bierstadt: This is a subtle, modern sans serif font inspired by the mid-twentieth century Swiss typography so the ends are clearly visible. Helvetica is the best known example of this type of font as it can compare to Microsoft Arial font's ratio.

Seaford: This appears to be the band's familiar font, reminiscent of ancient classic script fonts whose organic, asymmetric shapes aid in reading by accentuating the differences between letters and creating more distinct word shapes.

Grandview: This is the most notable content for the New 5 Elements. It is inspired by classic German road and railway signs and the design of this line is very clear. Some improvements have been made to make it more suitable for long reading periods.

Microsoft has now released these five new fonts in Office 365 so everyone can try them out before choosing a new default font.

The polls and reviews are part of Microsoft's decision to win. The company will evaluate these new product lines in the coming months and identify popular product lines.

Once the decision is made, the new default font 2022 will appear in Microsoft Office applications.

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