Bell+Howell Rapid Charging Station with Surge Protection
Bell+Howell Rapid Charging Station with Surge Protection

Bell + Howell Quick Charge Station Swivel Power Supply with surge protection, -180-degree rotatable design, easy to use, with 6 sockets and 3 USB ports as shown on TV

  •  Charge 9: Comes with 6 3-axis connectors for faster charging; 3 USB ports for everyday devices like cell phones, tablets, music players, etc.
  • Safe and Fast Charging: Connect all 9 devices simultaneously. Quickly charge cell phones, tablets, or laptops without draining the battery, thus extending the battery life of the manufacturer recommended devices or expensive devices.
  • With surge protection: built-in 3000W protection. Now you can safely charge 9 devices at the same time and protect your device from peak voltage at the same time.
  • Rotatable design: The rotatable power center rotates 180 degrees at its base, so you can easily enter or exit the outlet without bending too much and not stressing you back.
  • Cordless and compact: Thanks to wireless connectivity, the force of spin is an ideal solution for organizing the area around the port. Thanks to its compact size, the rotating food trays can be used easily in any drawer or cabinet.

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