VILONG Waterproof Outdoor Power Strip
VILONG Waterproof Outdoor Power Strip

VILONG waterproof power supply panel, external power supply panel, socket, 4 AC outlets with overload and shock protection switch for children's rooms, bathrooms and gardens

  •  IPX4 Waterproof Design: The 4-port junction box is IPX4 waterproof, and the external surge protector can prevent short circuit, electric shock and other safety accidents caused by splashing water or light rain.
  • When using the board, we pay attention to safety: the middle of the conductor: shockproof, lightning-proof, waterproof and weatherproof, ARC protection system, anti-drop, over-voltage protection, durable and long-term use, over-current protection, flame retardant, protection leakage
  • Strong, Safe and Durable Industrial Cable: The socket is made of strong copper wire material, flame retardant PC housing and 100% copper wire. Cable length: 1.8m thick copper wire with high conductivity, more efficient performance, low calories, and increased safety
  • It has good sealing performance and can be used in various situations. Such as: power supply for outdoor Christmas lights, power supply for garden sprinkler systems, kids rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, aquariums, car washes in garage, etc.
  • Latest update: The improved port design resolves the issue that the legacy product could not be applied to the US two-hole plug. Our plug fits all standard US plugs. The on / off control switch is used to control the total power with one button, which is a safety feature.

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