ESHLDTY 3 Outlets Weatherproof Surge Protector
ESHLDTY 3 Outlets Weatherproof Surge Protector

ESHLDTY Advanced Weather Shield 6/9 ft Outside Mirrors 3 Ports Overload Protection Socket 1500 J for deck, deck, cruise ship lighting

  •     ☔☔ [IPX6 Water Resistant Technology] You don't need to worry about rain or splash. ESHLDTY outdoor board can effectively prevent many short circuits and electric shock caused by entering the water. Received patents for the United States Patent and Trademark Office and WIPO. Suitable for outdoor lighting, camping, cruise ships, bathrooms, kitchens, kids' rooms, and restaurants.
  •     🔌🔌 [Fit for many plugs] Unlike other brands of waterproof plugs that cannot be inserted into two-pin plugs, the ESHLDTY waterproof power supply board has undergone a complete technical upgrade. Suitable for all kinds of American plugs. Weatherproof socket strip, suitable for bathroom, garden, kitchen, camping and outdoor lighting.
  •     🔥🔥 [Overload Protection] The built-in circuit breaker can detect the rated power of the connected device in order to intelligently turn off the power supply in case of overload (1500W) or short circuit to avoid overheating. The 1500 J lightning arrester protects the safety of the device. The high performance stretch cable (3 * 1.3mm²) has received UL certification.
  •     ✅✅ [Indoor and outdoor use] Indoor or outdoor, all-weather windshield provides all-around safety. It will not activate even if metal is inserted or baby's finger is inserted. Effectively prevent the dangers of electric shock to children, the elderly, etc. Carefree energy in yards, squares, parks, RV camping, kids' rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
  •     ETL and FCC [Quality Assurance] are listed. High Performance Heavy Duty Extension Cable 100% made of pure copper 16AWG with cable interface can rotate 360 ​​° and flame retardant computer cover 1382 ° F 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. Build to the end.

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