TESSAN 4 Electrical Outlet Extender USB Wall Charger
TESSAN 4 Electrical Outlet Extender USB Wall Charger

USB charger, TESSAN TS-161-US extension cable 4 sockets with 3 USB charging connectors, 4 socket strips with multi-plug dividers, indispensable for dormitories, private families, offices, two rooms

Small and portable

    The USB socket has a compact and lightweight design, can fit in a travel bag or handbag, and is easy to carry or store. No installation required, just plug the USB port into a wall outlet

Cruise accessories

    Cruise ships do not allow electrical panels with surge protectors and extension cords. Most cabins have a limited number of ports and no USB ports. TESSAN USB socket without surge protection and extension cable.

Suitable for all occasions

    TESSAN Power Strip Connector with USB Connector is very useful for home appliances at home or in the office. The socket splitter can be used in any indoor area that has socket outlets, especially bedrooms, bathrooms, university rooms, and hotels

TESSAN 4 Electrical Outlet Extender USB Wall Charger
TESSAN 4 Electrical Outlet Extender USB Wall Charger

  •  Extension socket: TESSAN USB socket can convert the socket into 4 sockets and at the same time accept 4 mega sockets without pluging another socket. The multi-plug socket wattage power is 1250W (125V 10A).
  • Splitter connection with USB connection: a total of 3 USB 3A connections, each USB-A connection has a maximum output power of 2.4A; The multi-port socket can automatically identify the device and provide the best power to various devices. It is very suitable for cell phones, tablets, toothbrushes, etc.; There is an indicator light on the USB terminal that detects if the device is powered on
  • Cruise ship accessories: there is no surge protector, no cables, so the outlet splitter makes the cruise ship reliable; Compact and lightweight design, suitable for use as luggage and work bags accessories
  • Space saving: The portable socket extension is compact and lightweight, which saves large space for luggage, and the socket extension is easy to carry when traveling
  • Suitable for all occasions: No installation required, 2 sets of power distributors can add 8 extra outlets and 6 USB ports in hotel, bathroom, bedroom, study and dorm room; Compact design makes it suitable for all occasions

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