IN WIN SR36 PRO Twin Turbine Liquid CPU Radiator Cooler
IN WIN SR36 PRO Twin Turbine Liquid CPU Radiator Cooler

GEWINNE SR36 PRO 360 mm ARGB AIO Dual Turbo CPU Cooler (IW-LC-SR36PRO)

SR PRO pumps inherit the patented dual turbine function that works in parallel to ensure excellent thermal performance. AIO's upgraded design comes with a Jupiter AJF120 high airflow fan to accelerate heat transfer. The waterproof sandblast aluminum block design gives your PC's internal cooling solution a great feel.

  •  Patented Combined Turbine - The patented functions of two turbines work in parallel and at the same time to direct the two currents to the cold copper plate, significantly lowering the temperature and keeping the device cool.
  • Mass of water by aluminum oxide with sand (new!)
  • Optimized AIO Design for Micro Heatsink Array Acceleration (New!) - The SR PRO series features a high flow water pump that can improve cooling performance directly on the copper plate to cool the processor. A set of heat sinks with small channels for heat dissipation is installed on the copper plate.
  • Specially developed ARGB static pressure fan. Cooling Fan Leaked! -Jupiter AJF120 series chassis fan is specially developed for liquid cooling. The fan has high air flow (101.5 cfm), high static pressure (4.22 mm H2O) and high speed mode that can increase the number of revolutions per minute to 2,500.
  • This is a LED indicator light with 16.8 million ARGB color combinations (new!) - under normal conditions, the pump will light up the white LED logo. If an abnormal current or overheating is detected, the LED will flash red and blue to prevent damage to the components.
  • Sync with Controllable Motherboards: There are around 16.8 million ARGB colors, so the AJF120 case fan can be customized according to your hardware standard. Users can use the included one-button controller to control the lights independently or synchronize with the addressable motherboard (3-Pin, 5V).

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