Mifaso USB C Power Strip Flat Plug with 5 Outlets 4 USB
Mifaso USB C Power Strip Flat Plug with 5 Outlets 4 USB

USB C Power Supply Board, Flat Socket with 5 Ports, 4 USB Ports, 5ft Extension Cable with USB, Overload Protection Socket Panel (13A / 1625W), Desktop Charging Station for Home Office and Sleeping Needs

The Mifaso 9-1 Power Board with USB C supports simultaneous charging of 9 devices. The USB power board contains 5 AC power plugs and 4 smart USB ports (4.5A total). Use the USB C charging port to speed up charging and save time. USB Charging Link with Smart IC can be used to set automatic charge rate for iPhone, iPad, laptop, digital camera and other electronic devices.

 9 in 1 power strip with USB

Power strip with 5 AC plugs and 4 USB charging plugs saves the most space in home / office or travel bag. The sockets that are large and spaced can accommodate larger sockets without interference. The USB charging port can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and many other USB devices without an adapter.

Easy to install on the wall

There are two mounting holes on the base that allow you to attach the panel to a wall or table to create a stable position to operate all equipment.

Overload circuit breaker

An overload protection switch protects your expensive computers, televisions, and all other electronic devices from overloads, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations. Once the power is off, the reliable circuit breaker shuts off automatically to protect your appliances and your home.

Thick and durable power cord

The extension cord is very flexible and is 5 feet long. Long, it can provide enough wire length to meet your daily needs. The power cord is made of 14AWG pure copper, which is very thick and has better current carrying capacity (13A).

Right angle low flat seal

The flat plug is low in height and can be easily installed in confined spaces. The connector is angled at 45 degrees to keep other ports open. It is the best energy card to save space in your home, hotel, room or while traveling.

Mifaso USB C Power Strip Flat Plug with 5 Outlets 4 USB
Mifaso USB C Power Strip Flat Plug with 5 Outlets 4 USB

  •  √ 9-in-1 Power Connector with USB: 3-pin extension cable with 5AC connector and 4 USB charging ports (1 USB-C 3 USB-A) that can be used for up to 9 powered and charged devices. Your space keeps your desk organized.
  • √ Smart Fast Charging Technology: 4 USB charging ports with a total current of 4.5A The charging station can automatically detect your device and increase the maximum charging speed (each USB-A port has a maximum of 5V / 2, 4A, a maximum of 5V / 3A USB c. 5-port AC power supply (1625W total).
  • √ 45 ° Wall Socket & Flat Socket: The flat and low socket is easy to install. Two keyholes on the back allow you to attach this desktop charging station to a workbench, desk, wall unit, floating cabinet, under counter and in the bedroom.
  • √ Multiple safety protections: The intelligent overload protection, fireproof cover and automatic shutdown safety switch can ensure the safety of your devices. The flat power supply board is also protected against over-voltage, over-current, over-load and short-circuit.
  • √ You receive: Panel with 5ft braided extension cable, 18-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

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