TESSAN Extension Cord 6 Feet Flat Plug with 12-Outlets
TESSAN Extension Cord 6 Feet Flat Plug with 12-Outlets

Surge protection, one switch, TESSAN 6-pin extension cable with flat plug (with 12 connectors and 3 USB connectors), home and office accessories for wall mounting, 1700 J

 6 normally open ports and 6 single switch ports

With 12 ports / sockets and 3 USB charging ports in one power distribution board, you can charge 15 devices at the same time, which is suitable for most mobile phones, tablets and other small devices.

Voltage protection

This overvoltage protection protects your valuable electronics from potentially dangerous overvoltages and voltage peaks. It is suitable for devices with sensitive devices (such as computers, printers, televisions, etc.) at home or in the office. The surge protector provides protection when you need it most, and the 6-foot extension cord can easily reach the hard-to-reach position.

 Convenient personal buttons

The fuses have 6 individual on / off switches and indicator lights that are used to cut off power to a specific outlet when not in use to save energy and money

Separate port

The power supplies are usually so large that they partially cover the adjacent ports, making it difficult to connect all devices to a single power supply board. However, the 12 surge protection ports are wide enough to allow you to plug in larger adapters with ease.

 Over-voltage protection

The 1700J surge protection level protects your electronic devices at home / in the office from electrical disturbances such as lightning strikes, spikes and spikes.

Internal 6 feet extension

This 6-foot extension cord can easily get to hard-to-reach places. The sturdy power cord protects the power cord itself from damage and ensures the best possible current flow to your devices.

Flat plug with right angles

The flat plug is low in height and can be easily installed in a small space. The 45 degree plug can keep using other plugs. It is the ultimate standard for saving space in your home, hotel or office.

Wall panel

Easily install this USB socket on a wall, desk or bed with 4 holes at the back.

TESSAN Extension Cord 6 Feet Flat Plug with 12-Outlets
TESSAN Extension Cord 6 Feet Flat Plug with 12-Outlets

  •  Power Supply Board with USB: 3-pin extension cable with 3 USB connectors, each can provide a maximum 5V / 2.4A charging current to connect to a total 3A / 15W output for your cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras - charging adapters To save space and keep your desktop organized
  • 6 independently switched power supply panels: 12 low voltage AC power outlets; USB Power Cards with 6 independent switches and LED lights. It can control your devices individually, save energy and money when not in use, and provide great flexibility in hard-to-connect and disconnect areas.
  • Flat Conduction Extension Cords: 6ft flat extension cords can be easily accessed; Flat plugs are not suitable for narrow spaces, for example B - behind a bed, bedside table, bookcase, or sofa
  • Multiple safety protections: The over-voltage protection is equipped with a built-in circuit breaker. If your electronic device suffers from short circuit, overheating, overload, over current and over voltage, it will turn on automatically (rated power: 1875W / 15A).
  • Wall Mount Design: The four holes at the back can connect the surge protector extension cord securely for various applications such as: work tables, floor stands, wall brackets, under counters, bedrooms, garages, etc.

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