TESSAN TS-CUBE09 Long Power Strip Surge Protector
TESSAN TS-CUBE09 Long Power Strip Surge Protector

TESSAN Extended Power Guard, Desktop Charging Station with Flat Plug, 9 AC Outlets and 3 USB Ports, 6.5 ft 15A 1875W Installable Extension Cable for Home and Office, Gray

 Three-sided design

There is not enough space in the standard? With TESSAN's three-sided integrated power supply panel, you can use the socket conveniently. It takes up less space on your desk or floor than others, making your office organized and suitable for home and office use.


The rather large plugs are removable and do not jam. It is suitable for devices with large plugs. It has 9 AC power outlets and 3 USB ports that can meet almost all your power needs.

Voltage protection

The integrated Joule 1050 advanced protection power level can protect your home / office devices such as televisions, computers, printers, copiers and routers from voltage fluctuations, voltage peaks and spikes.

Over-voltage protection

This desktop power supply board has an overload protection function. When the power supply is overloaded, the built-in circuit breaker will be automatically turned off to protect your devices. In this case, pull the plug, the disconnector in the switch will cool down and the outlet bar can be restored.

USB charging port

Three USB ports provide a total of 15 watts of power. It also has a built-in device detection function to ensure the ideal charging speed of the connected device (maximum 2.4A per port). You can charge the device without an adapter, which is more convenient.

Flat plug with right angles

The space-saving design allows the flat socket to place the power cord close to a wall and to use it in the smallest spaces, for example easy to install, for example behind a sofa, cupboard or other furniture. The right corner is used to release other plugs.

Supplement 15a

The 15A extension cord is rated at 1875W, so AC outlets can accommodate more devices. Plus, strong power cords protect the power cord itself from damage and ensure the best possible electricity flow to your devices.

Keep it stable

The four rubber feet on the bottom can prevent it from slipping, and the 6.5 feet power cord is flexible enough to meet the needs of different applications.

TESSAN TS-CUBE09 Long Power Strip Surge Protector
TESSAN TS-CUBE09 Long Power Strip Surge Protector

  •  Multiple Safety Protections: surge protector rated at 1050 Joules provides essential protection for your electronic products from sudden surges in unstable power supplies, lighting and gusty winds. The USB power supply board also has a built-in circuit breaker. The circuit breaker will automatically turn off when the power supply is overloaded to protect your devices and your expensive computers and televisions from overloading
  • 12-in-1 Desktop PC Charging Station: The power strip has 9 ports and 3 USB ports. The 15A 6.5ft strong extension cord is rated at 1875W so these AC outlets can accommodate more devices. The USB connection can provide a maximum charging current of 5V / 2.4A for a single connection with a total output of 3A / 15W.
  • 3 Side stripe socket design: The cube power supply panel features a three-sided design that allows the sockets to be easily placed side by side without the need to cover the sockets. The compact design provides more space and is suitable for residential buildings, offices and student dormitories
  • Flat Right Angle Plug: Thanks to the space-saving design of the flat circuit board, the power head can be installed in narrow spaces such as desks and worktops. The 45 degree right angle elbow provides enough space to prevent clogging of other ports. These are suitable for installation behind sofas, cabinets, shelves and other furniture
  • Wall bracket: With double mounting holes, this panel can be securely attached to various applications such as work tables, sub-workers, etc. It also has a rubber base so that it can be a desktop power strip or a USB charging cradle without slipping off

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