TESSAN JW401 Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports
TESSAN JW401 Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports

 TESSAN Tower power board surge protection 8 AC power cord 4 USB connectors 15 feet extension cable 10A 1250W multi-port power board (for home office)

 Are you looking for a space-saving tower socket strip with a longer extension cable?

Compared with ordinary flat circuit boards, the board can charge many electrical appliances at the same time, which makes the office cluttered and leaves a lot of cables.

With these 8 AC outlets and 4 USB sockets, you can charge 12 electrical devices at the same time. They have a vertical 3D design and space saving features.

2 ON / OFF switches

We designed two switches to control the front and back ports (4 per port). If you don't need many ports, you can turn them off to save power.

Integrated circuit breaker

Our tower power strip has a built-in red reset button. In case of overload, this red button is activated to interrupt the power supply and protect electronic devices. When the temperature returns to normal, you can return to the red button to continue using the cooling tower.

15 feet extension

The Tower Power Strip with a very long span of 15 feet solves the problem that our office is too far from the power socket. It can expand your available ports by 15 feet. This length gives you flexible access to the remote port.

A true niche space is widely spread out

The closest distance for each connector is 38mm. So you can use eight ports at the same time, the tower provides enough space to use each socket harmoniously.

Smart USB charging station

The power strip in Tower 4 provides port routing for flexibility. USB output: 5V at max 2.4A per port, total output: 3.1A.

Save the distance

As you can see, this is a great design. Whether on the desk or on the floor, it can clean your writing with extreme precision. Most importantly, it saves space.

Integrated surge protection

Meanwhile, our tables are still observing the constellations. This is a very important function in protecting your expensive electronic devices. It avoids small voltage peaks and ensures the normal use of devices.

They are widely used in home offices

Our tower design is new. Whether in the office or at home, it is a beautiful decoration. It can be used to power computers, laptops, printers, routers, phones, rice cookers and other devices.

TESSAN JW401 Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports
TESSAN JW401 Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports

  •  Lightning protection tower power supply board: This power supply board has multi-conductor socket, and tower power supply board supports wide voltage from 100V to 250V. 4 USB charging ports (2.4A each, 3.1A total) that can quickly charge your electronic devices. Examples include computers, computers, laptops, phones, tablets, televisions, printers, modems, and other devices. (Note: If the total current exceeds 2.4A, the USB charging may not be possible.)
  • 15 Inch Multi-Port USB Extension Cable: This tower power strip contains 4.57m cable. The extension cord is flexible enough to reach the socket on the remote control
  • Safe and reliable: surge protection, overload protection, lightning protection, short circuit protection. The built-in circuit breaker can protect your devices from over current. When a power surge is detected, the SPD tower power plant is used to quickly turn off the power supply
  • Energy-saving and space-saving vertical tower: Equipped with an independent switch that allows you to save on power failure when the power is turned off. Compared with the long flat socket tape that contains a lot of cables, the vertical tower design is lighter in weight and saves space. With Band Tower, you can save space and make your office more tidy
  • Widely used in Office College Home Travel: Multiple ports are very good for offices, family lounges, bedrooms, and kitchens. In addition, it is made of premium quality UL94 V-0 material that can hold up to 1382 items to protect your electrical appliances and the safety of your home 

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