Signal is testing a feature that allows you to send cryptocurrencies
Signal is testing a feature that allows you to send cryptocurrencies

Encrypted Calling App Signal is testing a new privacy-sensitive payment feature in the UK to provide users with a viable alternative to WhatsApp payments.

According to the new article, the latest beta update of the app supports a new feature called Signal Payment, which allows you to use MobileCoin to send and receive payments through the platform.

MobileCoin is a privacy-friendly payment protocol that provides users with a digital wallet and an associated cryptocurrency called MOB.

Signal's latest beta update makes it easy for UK users to link their MobileCoin wallet to the app to raise money.

It also provides a simple interface that allows you to track your balance and view transaction history.

Due to the design of the MobileCoin protocol, Signal cannot access your payment information.

The message is: As always, our goal is to keep your data in your hands. MobileCoin's design means Signal cannot access your balance, full transaction history, or credit.

If you would like to try Signal Payments, you can sign up for the trial program using this link.

Once registration is complete, the latest beta version should be available on the Play Store. After setting up your MobileCoin wallet through the app, you can purchase MOB through FTX and other trading platforms.

MobileCoin has a close relationship with Moxie Marlinspike, co-founder and CEO of Messaging App, who advised the company ahead of the latest funding round that was announced last month.

The app has rolled out several new features over the past two months to take advantage of the recent backlash against WhatsApp's biggest competitor.

This privacy-oriented messaging service supports encrypted conference calls, personalized background images, animated stickers, and more.

Signal also has a new backup feature that allows you to easily transfer chats to a new device.

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