The FBI hacked hundreds of computers remotely to keep them safe
The FBI hacked hundreds of computers remotely to keep them safe

In what is believed to be an unprecedented move, the FBI has attempted to protect hundreds of Hafnium-infected computers by hacking them on their own, using original hacker tools.

The vulnerability affected thousands of Microsoft Exchange Server clients around the world and triggered a widespread response from the White House government, leaving many back doors for hackers to access again.

After months of hackers attacking thousands of networks with four previously unknown vulnerabilities, the FBI took advantage of this by using the same backdoor to remotely remove it.

The US Department of Justice: The FBI ordered the server through the back door to remove the back door only in order to carry out the demolition.

The owners of Microsoft Exchange servers may not be aware of the FBI intervention, which is serving the world by eliminating these threats.

The Justice Department said: The advertisement sent homeowners a message that the FBI tried to help them, and it did so with the full approval of a Texas court.

Although Microsoft's initial response speed was slow, the Microsoft Exchange Server client could patch the server for up to a month after receiving many important alerts.

Before they began removing the hafnium hacker backdoor remotely, the FBI said, thousands of systems had been patched by their owners.

He added: We have removed the remaining backdoors from the hacking organization that is being used to maintain continuous and unauthorized access to the US network.

The Justice Ministry said: The program only removed the back door, but it did not fix the errors that the hackers took advantage of.

It was noted in a statement issued by the Deputy Attorney General of the National Security Administration at the Ministry of Justice: The court's revocation authorization shows that the Department of Defense is required to use all of our legal tools (not just this one). Stop malicious piracy.

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