The FIA ​​launches the flagship model in the electric GT class
The FIA ​​launches the flagship model in the electric GT class

The FIA ​​introduced a new class of electric GT racing to encourage manufacturers to develop batteries, chargers and other technologies for high-performance road vehicles.

The maximum power of these vehicles is 430 kW, which is equivalent to 577 hp, and the minimum weight is 1490 to 1530 kg.

The association said it uses 87 kW batteries with 700 kW charging technology and a regeneration function, which can recover 60% of the car's energy within a few minutes while at a stop.

The electric GT segment is nearly identical to the GT3 in terms of power and speed (500 hp and 320 km / h).

However, the International Automobile Federation (which runs Formula 1 and Formula 1 E) has found that electric GT GT racing cars outperform their engines in areas such as acceleration and faster laps.

Manufacturers are involved in developing electric GT cars, but the FIA ​​is also using common parts to keep costs down.

For this purpose, manufacturers can create their own battery diagram. However, the lithium-ion batteries are supplied by Saft, a battery company owned by the oil giant Total.

Another way the Alliance wants to control costs is to give manufacturers the opportunity to improve their GT3 internal combustion engine platform.

According to the FIA, manufacturers of the GT3 class can convert the technical design and design elements specific to their existing cars into electricity.

The GT3 is generally adapted to a road legal car like the Porsche GT3 and combines bulky rear fenders and other aerodynamic modifications to maintain performance on the road.

According to photos from the FIA, electric GT cars have these characteristics.

Additional specifications include up to four electric motors, rear wheels or all-wheel drive, and rated acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.4 seconds, including driving dynamics control which can automatically adjust torque independently. Every wheel.

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