The Hongqi S9 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Chinese auto history
The Hongqi S9 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Chinese auto history

The state-owned Chinese automobile company FAW has launched the Hongqi S9, the first electric vehicle to be part of the government's gigantic Belt and Road project.

The Hongqi S9 is a 1,400 hp hybrid made in collaboration with Italian design and engineering company Silk EV.

The car made its debut in February, but the two companies made their stylish debut at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show this week.

FAW and Silk EV 99 are only produced and the order phase will start later this year.

The two companies have not announced the price of the Red Flag S9 nor have they shared many specifications (plus the internal combustion engine will be a V8).

The Red Flag S9 was designed by (Walter de Silva) who worked with Alfa Romeo, Audi, Volkswagen and Lamborghini.

The vehicle was designed as a prototype of future electric vehicles developed by FAW in China and Italy as part of a joint venture with Silk EV supported by some of the largest Chinese banks.

It was developed under the trademark "Hongqi", which was used by the automaker when it first built cars for high-ranking Chinese government officials, including Mao Zedong, the founder of the People's Republic of China.

FAW said it will make Hongqi the world's leading auto brand in China.

Although Xpeng began shipping a small number of electric vehicles to Europe, many EV startups have tried to do so as well, despite not having access to the same resources that the general automakers could benefit from.

As part of the "One Belt One Road" project (including infrastructure projects of various sizes in Asia, Europe and Africa), the Silk FAW joint venture has the advantage of being part of the broader government discourse. The Chinese about establishing diplomatic, diplomatic and economic projects. Plans. Chance.

If Italy is the birthplace of Ferrari and Lamborghini, this is a logical place to develop this type of car, but it is also the first country in the G7 to agree to the Belt and Road initiative.

From the perspective of China's impact on the global electric vehicle market, starting with a supercar with a certain limited range can only be the beginning of something bigger.


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