The Pixel 6 is powered by Google's new GS101 chip
The Pixel 6 is powered by Google's new GS101 chip

Google's upcoming Pixel flagship phone - which is supposed to be called the Pixel 6 - is reported to contain the GS101 chip from Google, the first of its kind for the company.

Google is developing two cell phones, both of which have an arm-based GS101 chip that uses a three-part configuration and has a tensor processing unit for machine learning applications.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 uses Cortex-X1 / Cortex-A78 / Cortex-A55 as 3 processor settings.

It should be noted that the idea of ​​Google to create a dedicated security chip or a motor processing unit is not new, as Google previously made processors for servers and Neural Core for Pixel 4 phones, in addition to separate Titan M chips. On his current cell phone.

The specially designed GS101 chip is believed to allow the company to integrate these functions more deeply.

Since Google tried to develop its own in-house chips for Pixel and Chromebooks last year, rumors have circulated about the GS101 chip.

The GS101 chip is expected to be included in the Pixel 2021. This is the first result of the Whitechapel project.

The information includes an indication of the name of the slider icon for the new device, which is also related to Samsung's Exynos chip.

As one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers for smartphones, Samsung's involvement in the manufacturing makes sense.

Google - with the exception of Samsung and Huawei, and almost all Android manufacturers - doesn't have the advantage of internally developed chips, but it does rely on Snapdragon chipsets.

The GS101 chip developed by Google is said to provide higher speed for Android, higher performance, longer battery life, and similar control over hardware and software design.

It's not easy to build a smartphone processor from Apple or Qualcomm, and although the two companies use the Arm as a common base, they've spent years making adjustments to adapt the basics to their needs.

Since the design of the A6 in 2012, Apple has used custom designs in its processors, and Qualcomm has taken a similar approach with its modern processors.

It may take Google several generations to improve the Pixel chip. However, if it can really offer dedicated chipsets for Android and Pixel devices, that could be the key to making Pixel devices a truly powerful force in the smartphone world.

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