The United States is fighting against the Chinese supercomputers
The United States is fighting against the Chinese supercomputers

On Thursday, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce (BIS) blacklisted seven Chinese supercomputer companies for conducting activities that conflict with national or US security interests.

Today's final rule adds the following entities to the Entity List:

  •     Information Technology Tianjin Ph.
  •     Sunway Microelectronics.
  •     Shanghai high-performance integrated circuit design center.
  •     Jinan National Center for Supercomputing.
  •     National High Computing Center, Shenzhen.
  •     National Wuxi Data Center.
  •     Zhengzhou National High Performance Computing Center.

The Ministry of Commerce said the seven units are participating in building supercomputers for use by Chinese military authorities, undermining military modernization efforts and plans for weapons of mass destruction.

"High-performance computers are essential for developing all modern weapons and national security systems such as nuclear weapons and hypersonic weapons," Trade Minister Gina Raymondo said in a statement.

"The Ministry of Commerce is doing everything in its power to prevent China from using American technology to help destabilize military modernization," she said.

Entity List is a tool used by the Bureau of Industry and Security to restrict the export of materials subject to the EAR to those (individuals, corporations, or corporations) who are believed to be involved or pose a significant risk. Share or share. Activities that violate the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

Additional licensing requirements apply to the export, re-export, and domestic transfer of EAR projects to public companies, and the availability of most license exemptions is limited.

Companies on the US Company List must obtain permission from the US Department of Commerce, and the US Department of Commerce is subject to review when seeking permission to receive products from US suppliers.

The new regulations take effect immediately, but do not apply to goods from US suppliers in transit.

Under the leadership of former US President Donald Trump, the United States has blacklisted dozens of Chinese companies, including the nation's largest smartphone maker, Huawei, chip maker SMIC and drone maker Dajiang.

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