TikTok adds automatic captions to videos
TikTok adds automatic captions to videos

By adding automatic subtitles, the TikTok platform has taken a big step forward in making their apps easier to use, allowing video artists to create subtitles for clips automatically.

TikTok users who want to make their videos easier to access have to manually write subtitles, which can be time consuming.

After downloading or saving the video, you will see the option to add automatic subtitles on the editing page.

TikTok said: The feature will initially be available in US English and Japanese, but plans to support additional languages ​​in the coming months.

The platform adds this feature to make it easier to stop playing TikTok videos and make it difficult for listeners to watch them.

However, the TikTok dialog is also displayed: This feature is very useful for anyone watching a video when the audio is difficult or uncomfortable.

The creator can change the subtitles to fix errors after the subtitles are created automatically, and the viewer can turn off the subtitles using the subtitles button in the share section.

Over the years, with the development of automatic transcription technology, services have also been added to its programs to facilitate access to content.

Last month, Google added this feature to the Chrome browser to allow creating subtitles for audio played through the browser.

The company's live translation system can also be used as a system-wide feature on some Android devices.

Video chatting services like Zoom and Google Meet can automatically generate subtitles during a call, and the Instagram platform appears to be testing similar features on their videos.

TikTok's automatic translations are the latest access feature to be added by the app.

The app also warns of video content producers that could cause photosensitive epilepsy and provides filters for viewers to avoid such videos. The "Text-to-Speech" function was added at the end of last year.

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