Twitter and $ 4 billion acquisition of Club House
Twitter and $ 4 billion acquisition of Club House

Although Twitter developed and tested Spaces voice chatting to compete with the Wildfire Clubhouse app, Twitter was discussing the idea of ​​purchasing the app directly. Club House.

According to Bloomberg News, Twitter and Club House held face-to-face conversations to get audio-social apps for $ 4 billion. However, these negotiations ended for no apparent reason.

It is not known if Twitter or Clubhouse will be the first to take the lead, but the Spaces feature gives the impression of weak competition.

Bloomberg reported that the Clubhouse is now targeting a $ 4 billion investment, and that number is likely not included in the discussion on Twitter.

The club was launched last year. The idea of ​​hosting live voice chats is growing in popularity, and celebrities, tech executives, and individuals have since started hosting audio rooms.

More than 10 million people have reportedly downloaded the app, and the app is currently only available through iOS invitations.

The app also faces stiff competition from companies like Facebook, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, Slack, among others.

Competitive pressures and pressures arise from the fact that in addition to the fully available web, iOS and Android applications, the user base of these platforms is estimated to be millions of users who have used the platform for many years.

Clubhouse still hires engineers to design apps for Android and is always trying to innovate at speed. The in-app callback feature was rolled out this week which developers can use to make money, and the app says: Part of that income.

For its part, it launched Twitter Spaces for iOS and Android, and the company also plans to launch a web version this month, while rolling out hosting features for all users.

Twitter's desire to acquire the Clubhouse is not entirely logical unless it just wants to take out the competition and gain a custom user base and buzzword.

Either way, Clubhouse and Twitter face each other to control the largest percentage of the increasingly interesting voice chat users.

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