Amazon destroyed 2 million fake products in 2020
Amazon destroyed 2 million fake products in 2020

Amazon continues to lead the campaign against sellers of counterfeit products through its platform. By 2020, 2 million products will be confiscated and destroyed.

The e-commerce giant is best known for its "Prime Day" shopping event, where outside sellers around the world can advertise their products through its platform. However, he is plagued by fakes.

Fake and bogus products, substandard products, misleading photos, etc. have been mentioned in customer reviews, and Amazon tries to spot and eliminate a plethora of fraud cases.

Although some sellers apparently misused the platform, the transactions of other sellers were not recognized.

However, Amazon hopes to eliminate counterfeit products through the platform and has released its first public trademark protection report to assess the company's progress.

According to reports documenting anti-counterfeiting efforts in 2020, increasing fraud attempts and the display of counterfeit products resulted in millions of products sent to the center being seized and subsequently destroyed.

"Amazon destroyed these products to prevent them from being resold elsewhere in the supply chain," the company said.

The e-commerce giant added that before its launch, it had blocked more than 10 billion suspicious ads and blocked more than 6 million attempts to create accounts for sellers suspected of committing fraud.

Regarding the trademark infringement of fake sellers, Amazon said: Less than 0.01% of products sold have received fake product claims from customers. In this case, he contacted more than 7,000 SMEs through Amazon's counterfeiting service. USA and Europe. Provided by our legal team.

In 2020, more than $ 700 million has been invested in combating counterfeit products.

Amazon commented: We will continue to innovate in terms of active branding tools and controls and will not rest until all fakes are removed from the store.

"This is a growing battle with criminals who are constantly looking for ways to sell counterfeit products, and the only way to permanently stop these counterfeit products is to hold them accountable to the justice system and law enforcement," she added.

Another problem Amazon is trying to solve is that sellers pay customers to write five-star reviews.

A data breach earlier this month caused nearly 200,000 people to participate in an audit scam (possibly from China). Once a seller gives a very positive review of the product on their Amazon product, the seller returns the price of the product.

In response, the company said: We arrest, prohibit, and prosecute anyone who violates society and review guidelines.

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