Amazon employees urge Jeff Bezos to support Palestine
Amazon employees urge Jeff Bezos to support Palestine

More than 500 Amazon employees asked the company to acknowledge the plight of the Palestinian people in an internal letter to Jeff Bezos. The move came after the Israeli air strikes on Gaza killed 248 martyrs.

Staff wrote: We urge Amazon executives to acknowledge the ongoing attacks on the basic human rights of Palestinians under unlawful occupation, without using language that expresses the symmetry of power or spectator equation, leading to unrest, and the reduction of destruction and death and its distortion in recent years. Over the days and years, the damage inflicted on the Palestinians has been disproportionate.

They said: Amazon employs Palestinians in offices in Tel Aviv, Haifa and around the world, ignoring the suffering of Palestinians and their families at home, and eliminating our Palestinian colleagues at work.

The employee wants the company to terminate the employment contract with an organization that violates human rights (such as the IDF).

In April of this year, Amazon and Google signed a $ 1.2 billion cloud computing contract with the Israeli government.

In the memo, similar petitions have been repeated by Apple and Google employees. On May 18, a Jewish Google employee wrote to Sundar Pichai urging the company to reject any criticism of Israel or Zionism as a definition of anti-Semitism by anti-Judaism and Apple. Muslim employees wrote similar letters to business leaders.

Muslim technologists said the chief executives either expressed their support for the Palestinians or condemned the violence in Gaza and were slow to respond.

Many people believe that their CEO chose to ignore Israel's human rights violations because the situation is fickle and Muslim technicians are underestimated and ignored.

The source said: Amazon has taken a stand and taken public action to acknowledge the grievances faced by many companies. In addition to speaking out about inequality, Amazon has also taken the time to consider how to change its internal company culture to create more injustice and equality. To provide an inclusive and positive environment for all employees.

She added: What we are writing today is an urgent violation of human rights against the Palestinian people. As Amazon employees, we believe it is our moral responsibility to apologize and speak out on behalf of millions of Palestinians. Their voices, their humanity and their injustice were rejected.

The letter asked Amazon executives to take the following actions:

  •     Protect and guarantee freedom of expression.
  •     Acknowledgment of suffering.
  •     Create a fund to help Palestinians affected by military violence.
  •     Establishing human rights is a top priority for Amazon's business and operations.

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