Android 12 turns pixel phones into vehicle keys
Android 12 turns pixel phones into vehicle keys

Almost a year after Apple announced the use of the iPhone as a digital car key, Google took the same steps for Android.

Android 12 will allow Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones to officially operate as car keys later this year.

Google's announcement only mentions one brand - BMW - which has announced that it will partner with Samsung earlier this year.

BMW is committed to supporting just one car that looks the best version of digital car key technology.

The purpose of this step is to use UWB's new broadband radio and replace your mobile phone's ignition switch (so you can ride in the car without taking your car out of your pocket) to safely tell the car that you are in front of it.

Apple has introduced these wireless devices in nearly all new iPhones and the latest Apple Watch Series 6. Today's announcement should mean future Pixel phones will also have it.

These wireless devices can help you find vehicles in busy parking lots that Samsung wants to use.

Technology from Google and Apple also supports NFC technology, forcing you to take your phone out of your pocket and bring it closer to cars like the BMW 5 Series in 2021.

With Hyundai Motor working hard to obtain UWB certification, BMW might not be the only automaker interested in UWB's capabilities.

Regardless of what the automaker chooses, participation in standards organizations and global Android support seems to allow you to use and share digital vehicle keys between smartphone brands.

In other Android and auto news, Google said, BMW and Ford cars will soon have Bluetooth fast pairing technology, and you can pair your Android phone with just one click.

Android Auto, a smartphone-based infotainment system, has a history of 6 years and can directly compete with Apple CarPlay. It now reaches 100 million cars.

Google pledges that the vast majority of new cars from General Motors, Ford, Honda and other automakers will support Android Auto wirelessly.

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