Apple employees urge the company to support the Palestinians
Apple employees urge the company to support the Palestinians

Apple employees sent a letter internally asking CEO Tim Cook to make a statement of support for the Palestinian people, and it was signed by nearly 1,000 employees.

The writer of this letter specifically urged the company to realize that there are currently millions of Palestinians illegally occupied.

This step came after the bloody Israeli bombing campaign on Gaza, which killed nearly 227 people, including at least 63 children.

The author of the letter said: After failing to make a statement condemning violence against Palestinians, the company was asked to write.

They wrote: We are frustrated and disappointed. Many incumbents and influential people are choosing to once again remain silent or make neutral statements, including comments from both sides about the situation in Palestine.

In the past, the company was not quick to express solidarity with Muslim employees or support the Islamic cause, but according to current employees, Tim Cook has openly criticized Donald Trump's ban on Muslims.

The source said: The discussion of domestic violence is dominated by the Prussian voices because the Muslim employees and their allies tried unsuccessfully to transfer the negotiations to the fate of the Palestinians and the Muslim workers of Abel.

A few days ago, a group of Jewish Google employees released a statement calling on the company to protect anti-Zionist rhetoric.

Google employees also asked the company to review its commercial contracts to ensure that Israel does not violate Palestinian rights.

The letter urged Tim Cook to urge Apple to state clearly, internally and externally, that the lives of Palestinians are of vital importance and that the company has clearly stated that millions of Palestinians are currently struggling with the definition of ONU. Illegal occupation.

They also asked Apple to clarify that the aforementioned statements do not support or in any way support any form of terrorism against any person in the world.

The letter states that Apple does not want a statement from Apple describing the Palestinian situation as a conflict, conflict, or the like, as these words indicate a lack of coherence of force.

The demands also include reducing the suffering and inadequacy of the suffering of the Palestinian people, as well as Apple's commitment to devote as much time and energy as many other societies to understanding and interacting with the Palestinian community.

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