Apple: macOS does not meet consumer protection standards
Apple: macOS does not meet consumer protection standards

The antitrust action continues between Apple and Epic Games. The new witness in this case is Craig Federighi, the company's director of software development.

Federighi's mission is to improve the security features of iOS and warn you of the risks that can arise from tampering with the App Store model.

To do so, Federici will have to compromise macOS security.

If you use macOS security technologies and implement them in the iOS ecosystem, it will be easier to bypass them than with macOS, he said in his testimony.

He added, "Today we have a certain level of malware via macOS that we think is unacceptable and worse than iOS."

The CEO said this was part of a larger debate over why iOS could not use the same software model as macOS, which allowed third-party apps to be installed for several years.

The CEO compared the two operating systems running on the Mac computers and the iPhone, noting the differences between the two.

Since Epic Games wants the judge to force Apple to allow multiple app stores on iOS, Federighi stressed that doing so would put security at risk.

"The macOS store is being severely exploited and contains an unacceptable amount of malware," he said.

The CEO stated that 130 different types of macOS malware have affected more than 300,000 systems since May of last year.

However, Federighi defended macOS: it was developed for a different group of users and it remains the most secure option.

He added: Some of my family has been infected with malware via macOS, but I think Macs are safe to run.

Federighi has also called for the iOS approach, stating that third-party app stores encourage people to regularly download apps from untrustworthy sources.

Another reason for Apple's iOS policy, according to Federighi, is that the operating system provides a more personalized user interface and stores sensitive data. Since the machine has always been with the user, more protection is required.

An Epic Games attorney responded by stating that Apple sells child-friendly Macs and has not identified iOS as a safer alternative to Macs.

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