Apple: Microsoft certification should not be considered trustworthy
Apple: Microsoft certification should not be considered trustworthy

With the first week of testing conducted by Apple and Epic Games, iPhone manufacturers fighting against Microsoft, watch Epic Games.

The battle is over the certification of Microsoft's Vice President of Business Development on Xbox. Microsoft Vice President used the certification on behalf of Epic Games to sell Xbox earnings.

Apple is now asking the judge to dismiss the credibility result. It's basically a choice. Wright's testimony is not credible due to irregularities in preparing the documents.

Apple argued in a new document that some of the documents mentioned in Wright's affidavit were not previously submitted and therefore the certification should be revoked altogether.

Apple's attorneys focused on Wright's claims that the Xbox console was being sold at cost to help sell the game.

According to documents provided by Apple, Wright showed the alleged charitable nature of Microsoft's platform business, but did not provide the income statement based on its documents to substantiate or disprove his statement.

Apple has tried to do this in the past as in the weeks leading up to the trial, it is expected that Wright's testimony will be removed from the record due to inconsistent documentation.

Apple now argues that Wright has deviated from the predetermined certification standards and should treat all of his statements as unreliable.

Microsoft said: Wright's statement is clear and clear. The company honored its commitment to providing Apple with the information it needed, and unfortunately Apple tried to distract it from the legal industry as the company refused to skip the game. Its own app store.

Microsoft's analysis of Xbox's profits and losses takes center stage as Apple and Microsoft have been in fierce competition for decades.

As a result, Microsoft was not prepared to provide Apple with sensitive financial information on Xbox, and Apple viewed its income statement as a way to respond to Microsoft's participation in the App Store battle.

These documents have been a problem since the beginning of the process and it is likely that there will be a problem as long as the process continues.

The parties have agreed in advance to upload the exhibits to the general fund folder, but the actual use is complicated.

On the first day of the trial, over 100 different files were uploaded to the gallery's public folder, many of them were closed after being shown to everyone, and the files were added to the gallery box and then removed nearly every day.

A large part of the legal conflict is deciding which documents can be used in legal proceedings and which parts of them can be withheld to conceal trade secrets or other information that the company does not want to disclose.

It now appears Microsoft is vacillating between providing information to aid the courts and revealing trade secrets to former competitors.

Microsoft is confident Epic Games will win this lawsuit and will be ready to talk about Xbox viability (if that helps), but it can be very difficult to get this information in a public meeting.

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