Microsoft has discontinued development of Windows 10X
Microsoft has discontinued development of Windows 10X

The report says Microsoft has decided to roll over its latest operating system, Windows 10X, in order to improve Windows 10.

The software giant has been trying to create a lite version of Windows for more than a decade, but to no avail.

Windows 10X appears not to be available this year and may never appear in its current form.

Microsoft originally planned to release Windows 10X, which is a simpler and lighter version of Windows, along with new dual-screen devices like Surface Neo.

Before the pandemic, Microsoft decided to prioritize Windows 10X for laptops with a screen.

Windows 10x was developed as a competitor to Chrome OS. It has an improved user interface, an updated Start menu without Live Tiles, multitasking enhancements and custom containers for performance and security applications.

Microsoft's overall goal for Windows 10X is to create an abstract, simplified, and modern version of Windows.

Microsoft has always viewed Chromebooks as a big threat to businesses and schools, but over the past year there has been an increase in demand for Windows laptops.

Despite the global scarcity of chips, the PC market has not slowed during the pandemic, and Microsoft has directly benefited from the Windows sales growth.

According to Microsoft, there are now 1.3 billion active devices running Windows 10, which is a large number of existing devices, and it seems that Microsoft is now focusing on improving the core of Windows rather than introducing new versions.

The software giant is gradually improving the user interface for Windows 10, including new system icons, file browser improvements, and even the end of icons from the Windows 95 era.

These visual changes are part of a larger work called "Sun Valley." Microsoft hasn't officially finished this task yet, but the Action List earlier this year missed a complete visual fix for Windows.

Windows 10 Update 21H2 is expected to see a lot of visual changes in October.

Elsewhere, Microsoft is committed to making Windows better for the people who depend on it every day.

Microsoft is on the mission to fix the issue of reorganizing apps across multiple screens, adding Xbox Auto HDR, and even improving Bluetooth audio support.

After trying to simplify Windows for more than a decade, Microsoft is clearly back to basics.

Windows RT first appeared in 2012, then Windows 10 S was released in 2017. Neither one failed to simplify Windows, but Windows 10X made some interesting changes that undoubtedly brought it to Windows 10.

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