Ascend ... a robotic pillar for a new era of human mobility
Ascend ... a robotic pillar for a new era of human mobility

Roam Robotics, a mobile robot company that is expanding human mobility through wearable robots, has announced that Ascend is the first smart knee brace that can help wearers reduce knee pain and improve mobility. The first order is available now and will be available in 2021. Shipping starts at the end of the summer.

Ascend technology adapts effectively, which means it can recognize human movements, automatically adapt to the needs of the wearer and precisely support the target muscle group if needed.

Tim Swift, CEO and founder of Roam Robotics, said, “We are focusing on a low-service market where more than 20% of the world's population can only exercise through physical activity. Advances in medicine are helping people extend their lives, and the number is growing.

He added: Our wearable robotic technology works seamlessly with the human body to help people live healthier, happier and more active lives without being restricted by their bodies.

Ascend is designed to relieve knee pain and aid in functional improvement, which greatly improves the patient's ability to move.

A clinical study of participants with knee osteoarthritis showed that the average pain was reduced by 46% and the function of using the device improved by 67%.

Deng Gao is the first portable robotic device that is useful in the daily life of people suffering from joint pain who want to regain their independence and lead a more active life.

Improved function:

  •     Extended Sensor Technology: Integrated modern sensor technology can intuitively record and support everyday movements such as getting up from a sitting position or going up and down. The new technology can also help those who engage in vigorous exercise or long-term activities (such as hiking) on ​​the beach. There is no pain or discomfort.
  •     SmartPack: Ascend's SmartPack portable packaging has built-in microprocessors that use proprietary algorithms to effectively detect user intent and control the device. With the remote control, users can easily control and manage support and activity modes as needed, including also air compressors and power supplies.
  •     Light stability: Ascend's lightweight frame is easy to carry, provides stability and fits comfortably with daily life, so the device can reduce pressure and knee pain by elevating the thigh muscles so that users can exercise safely.

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