Mochi ... a standalone charging robot for electric cars
Mochi ... a standalone charging robot for electric cars

Green tech company Envision, Mochi, has launched the world's first mass-produced smart mobile charging robot that runs 100% on green electricity.

The Mochi, an independent electric vehicle, has been on the market since June this year.

Charging stations are usually reserved for electric vehicle drivers, as other users usually occupy pre-installed charging stations in public places.

Mochi can be used in many places and can automatically find and charge electric cars, saving the driver time and effort.

With the increasing number of electric cars on the road, Mochi offers a flexible solution to meet the growing demand for charging stations.

Mochi works with the company's smart EnOSTM operating system, which connects and runs more than 200 gigawatts of renewable energy worldwide.

The system provides 100% access to green electricity for the appliances, so that all-electric Mochi cars can provide passengers with green or renewable electricity.

Mochi is compatible with most consumer electric vehicles on the market and is powered by Envision AESC batteries with an output capacity of 70 kWh and 42 kWh.

The device can charge an electric car in just 2 hours and a distance of 600 km.

The device is small, flexible and has precise position sensing technology for precise navigation. When encountering obstacles, it can safely stop in 0.1 second with a top speed of 1 meter per second to ensure safety.

Electric vehicle drivers can get out of the car when reserving a service through the Mochi app and rely on the device to automatically charge the EV.

After receiving instructions, Mochi develops an intelligent charging plan, finds the electric vehicle and starts charging independently.

During the charging process, the EnOSTM system monitors the electric vehicle battery in real time and performs a thorough check to ensure its integrity.

Envision CEO said: Mochi is a smart charging assistant for electric cars and will be everyone's partner in the future.

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