Dedicated topics Tik Tok test summary
Dedicated topics Tik Tok test summary

TikTok is currently testing a new "Discover" page in the app that will categorize videos instead of just showing current trends as before.

These categories represent the many areas of interest on TikTok, such as gaming, beauty, dance, television, movies, sports, family, learning, and more.

Clicking on a specific category will take you to a summary of the most popular content from the community.

The feed is influenced by factors such as relevance, novelty, and interest, and can help users find new content and creators not listed on the Personalized For You page.

TikTok has confirmed that testing has started in the US in the past few weeks.

The platform is currently testing online shopping functionality, and some brands (such as Hype and Walmart) have received new "shopping" tags on their TikTok accounts.

Users can buy products, add them to their cart, and then pay for the products without leaving the app.

Walmart revitalized its trademark when it aired live in December and has been around ever since.

The integration is not as professional as in the Instagram store where there is no original or global shopping cart or integrated payment mechanism, but the user visits the retailer's website directly.

However, TikTok's advancement has paid off as it has attracted a generation of post-millennial users.

According to eMarketer data, the number of millennials who use TikTok in the US now exceeds Instagram, while TikTok has 37.3 million monthly active users and 33.3 million users on Instagram.

The company predicts that the total number of TikTok users in the US will surpass Instagram by 2023.

TikTok's global ambitions are affected by the ban in India, and creators may find more opportunities to profit through other platforms.

A few days ago, YouTube announced that it would offer $ 100 million to the top short creators and said that the shorts would be tested soon.

It can help content creators take advantage of short films as more regular viewers become subscribed as there are higher earning opportunities.

Snapchat and Instagram are also using the money to attract content creators.

And when content creators find they can make money elsewhere, they can shift their focus from TikTok to other places regardless of the number of new creative features added.

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