Facebook acquires virtual reality game Onward
Facebook acquires virtual reality game Onward

Facebook's Oculus division acquired VR game developer another month after the company announced that it had acquired Downpour Interactive, the multiplayer military simulation game studio Onward.

Mike Verdu, Vice President of Virtual Reality and Immersive Content at Facebook, said, “We've had a lot of success with Onward on Oculus over the years thanks to Rift First and Quest.

He added: By joining the Oculus Studios family, Downpour Interactive will have the opportunity to expand the community forward with full support from Oculus Studios' resources and implement more projects in the future.

Verdo stated that everyone at Downpour Interactive will join the Oculus Studios team and confirm that Onward will continue to support on all platforms currently available (Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and Steam).

Dante Buckley, Founder and CEO of Downpour Interactive, said in a FAQ on the studio's website: The roadmap for advanced features has not changed. Due to the acquisition, Studio plans to accelerate its development.

Buckley noted that Downpour Interactive continues to have complete control over all development processes.

The acquisition is Facebook's latest step in promoting Oculus Studios, in which the multiplayer first-person VR shooter has been the best-selling virtual reality game in recent years.

The company acquired Beat Games, developer of Beat Saber, Sanzaru Games Studio from Asgard's Wrath in February 2020, and Ready at Dawn of Lone Echo in June 2020.

The deal comes after the company recently tried to partner with developer Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment to create its own ambitious first-person shooter, and then spent millions to buy the Medal of Honor for virtual reality, which sparked criticism from critics last year. Released in December.

Additionally, Colette (Colette) won this year's Academy Award for Best Documentary on Oculus VR Medal of Honor: The Short Film "Beyond".

The film was released by Oculus Studios, published by Electronic Arts, and acquired and distributed by The Guardian. It is the first time that a video game industry project has won an Academy Award.

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