Facebook allows you to hide the number of likes
Facebook allows you to hide the number of likes

Starting this week, Facebook introduced the option to publicly hide favorite posts on Facebook and Instagram.

This is based on past tests that started in 2019.

The project is already built into the company's global user base and has been under development for many years.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the response measures required from Facebook, the priority has been reduced.

The idea of ​​hiding the number of likes was originally intended to alleviate the stress on the user experience.

Usually, when users don't get enough likes, the post makes them feel anxious and embarrassed.

For young users who really value what their peers think about them, this is challenging.

Some users yearn for a safer and less popular place to interact with friends or listeners without trying to gain popularity.

This in turn has led to the emergence of a new batch of social networking and photo sharing apps including Minutiae, Vero, Dayflash, and Oggl.

Facebook may choose to remove favorites entirely, but it has found that this metric is highly integrated into the product experience and therefore cannot be removed entirely.

One of the major issues is how an influencer community will interact with the people they love so that they can capitalize on online popularity, interact with brands, and create jobs.

Instead of making a difficult decision about the future of the internet community, the company decided to start as a user-driven environment.

Hide likes on Facebook and Instagram:

Instagram content creators and consumers can activate or deactivate the number of likes per post.

This means that you can choose not to show these stats when scrolling through your feed, and you can also choose whether or not to allow others to see the likes on your posts.

Configured in two different settings, providing more flexibility and better control.

Facebook users can access the new settings in the "Settings and Privacy" section of the source settings.

There is an option to hide the number of responses to disable this setting for your posts, feeds, groups, and other information on the page.

This feature can be used for both public and private personal accounts and includes your previous posts.

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